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The offices of the county clerk and recorder together contain over 70% of the records. In counties with a combined clerk-recorder function, the official in charge may truly be called 'Keeper of the Archives'. - John F. Burns, Chief of Archives, California State Archives

About Us

The Butte County Archives was established to enable the Clerk-Recorder's Office to fulfill its obligation to preserve, protect, and provide access to Butte County records. To that end, the Butte County Archives has adopted the following ongoing operational goals:

  • Preserve Butte County's archival records for future generations.
  • Enhance access to Butte County's historical records.
  • Provide services to support the public's use of these records.
  • Expand the scope and breadth of outreach to other governmental departments, organizations, and educational institutions.

Thousands of historic documents have been collected, cataloged, filmed, and digitally imaged. These documents are stored in an environmentally appropriate space within the Hall of Records. In an ongoing project, the original documents are being treated and preserved to archival standards, ensuring their use for future generations.

The Butte County Archives is dedicated to the maintenance and safe-keeping of the county's historic records, as these documents help tell the true story of Butte County and many of its people, from 1850 to the present.